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We are so excited to announce our participation in the PUZZLE Cybersecurity Conference.

The conference serves as a unique platform that unites diverse expertise and resources from academia, industry, and research communities, all dedicated to finding solutions explicitly tailored for SMEs & MEs.

Participating in this conference will grant you the opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge from distinguished international speakers and lecturers. Through their presentations, you will acquire insights into the most recent industry trends, receive updates on the latest advancements in the research and development sphere, and stay informed about significant cybersecurity stories through news and reports.

ENTRUST project will be represented by UBITECH, which will present our objectives and mission. Don’t miss our presentation on Wednesday, June 21 at 14:30 CET.

The conference will occur in Master Center, Novi Sad, Serbia on June 21st, 2023.

Join the conversation with cybersecurity leaders, where we collectively strive to drive awareness and significantly impact the field.

Find the registration form here.


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