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Use Cases

Doctor in service

Dynamic Trust Assessment in ECG Monitoring Portable Devices and Complex Stationary Devices in a Hospital Setting

This use case will be carried out in the Ankara University Hospital, coordinated by Kardinero, a leading CMD manufacturer in Turkey. Its scope is to validate ENTRUST’s security mechanisms and trust assessment over BLE communication, also considering a collaborative fleet of CMDs. Efficiency and stress testing of ENTRUST’s attestation enablers will be validated in the strict security and trustworthiness requirements of a real-world medical environment for analyzing attacks during runtime. The provision of real-time conformance certificates will be validated, so that any stakeholder will be able to verify the correct operation of the CMDs.

Safe living

Ambient Intelligent System for Supporting Independent and Safe Living

This use case will take place in Norway, where Tellu is one of the major digital health providers providing personal healthcare gateways at patient’s home and other healtcare facilities. The Tellu’s Health Gateway is responsible for collecting data from various medical devices and sending them to the Cloud services. ENTRUST will enhance the security posture of the remote patient through Verifiable Credentials depicting the operational state per device under a hierarchical SoS environment. ENTRUST’s TC-based middleware will support the advanced crypto operations required for remote attestation and communication assurance and its applicability and impact will be evaluated in such heterogeneous environment. Auditability over the update process will be guaranteed using the ENTRUST Blockchain infrastructure and the enhanced protection profiles. 

Hospital building

Digital Assistance Towards Enhancing the Health and Well-being of Patients and Carers

This use case will be carried out in POLARIS’s hospital in Romania and in the Hospital do Espírito Santo de Évora in Portugal, involving PARTICLE as the provider of the testbed to support the Patient Transport Services scenario. The monitoring of the CMD networks is a crucial element for both hospitals to comply with all legal and safety requirements. Interconnecting medical devices from different manufacturers to the network infrastructures, storing or retrieving data from EMS services, exposes the hospitals’ networks and makes them vulnerable to a wide range of cyber-attacks that can seriously hinder their ability to respond to incidents in lethal consequences timely. In addition, the exchange of patient data from ambulances to the destination hospital expands the security vulnerabilities associated with CMDs and the exchange of patient data between unsecure spaces and the secure hospital IT infrastructure. This use case will focus on the ENTRUST’s trust framework and secure data exchange and how it can support the integration of CMDs in the hospital’s IT infrastructure, as well as the remote monitoring and maintenance of legacy devices and equipment.

Heart monitor device

Compliant Protection of Wearable Devices for Mental Health Monitoring and Integrity of Accompanying Data

Through this use case the ENTRUST’s trust assessment framework will be validated in wearables provided by Sentio Labs in Greece. The use case will focus on data integrity when it come to the communication from the wearble to a mobile device. This is considered critical as the impact of an inaccurate decision may feed an inaccurate medical decision. Also, it is very critical to ensure that the device operates as intended and gathers high-quality data. The same should stand for the entire lifecycle of the product in order to maintain the same quality levels due to the highly sensitive nature of the collected health data. ENTRUST goes a step forward as it can ensure software updates in a zero-trust manner and enhances the privacy of both the device and the patient.

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