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ENTRUST 1st Plenary Meeting, Oslo

The ENTRUST project achieved a major milestone with its 1st Plenary Meeting held in Oslo, Norway on June 28-29, 2023. Hosted at SINTEF premises, the meeting brought together all project partners to discuss crucial aspects of the project and set the course for future actions.

The two-day meeting began with engaging technical discussions, which encompassed various aspects such as updates on the project's architecture, alignment between functional specifications, and runtime attestation mechanisms. Additionally, the meeting delved into important topics like continuous certification for post-market CMD surveillance, trust modeling and risk assessment, security-by-design toolbox, secure lifecycle management, and dynamic trust assessment. The partners also received comprehensive updates on each use case, and the meeting provided a platform to discuss the horizontal project activities, including dissemination and communication and project management.

Throughout the sessions, project partners actively contributed to the open discussions, sharing their insights and deliberating on the next steps and action points for each topic. The meeting emphasized collaboration, innovation, and the integration of the latest technological advancements to enhance the trustworthiness and security of connected medical devices.

The ENTRUST project aims to address challenges related to privacy, data protection, and regulatory compliance in connected medical device security. The successful outcome of the 1st Plenary Meeting in Oslo demonstrates the commitment of the project partners to advancing this critical area. With the roadmap set and collaborative discussions initiated, the ENTRUST project is well-positioned to make significant contributions in the field of connected medical device security.


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