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Elevating Healthcare Security: Exploring Innovations from ENTRUST, SEPTON & MEDSECURANCE

ENTRUST will participate in a webinar titled "Elevating Healthcare Security: Exploring Innovations from ENTRUST, SEPTON & MEDSECURANCE" on May 10th at 10:00 CET.

The project will be represented by two consortium partners: Lina Giannakandropoulou from UniSystems and Thanassis Giannetsos from UBITECH. The event is co-organised by Horizon Results Booster and the European Cybersecurity Community (ECCO).

About the event

ENTRUST, SEPTON, and MedSecurance are propelling cybersecurity standards within healthcare, establishing fresh milestones for safety, reliability, and innovation. By raising the bar regarding security protocols and best practices, they are not only ensuring the protection of sensitive medical data but also fostering an environment conducive to continued advancements in healthcare technology for healthcare provision and medical devices. 

The projects have come together to organise this webinar in cooperation with ECCO and the Horizon Results Booster initiatives to discuss current cybersecurity innovations in this critical sector.

The webinar will showcase new insights into research projects which are revolutionising cybersecurity in the healthcare sector, ensuring the optimal performance of medical devices while prioritising safety, security, and data integrity.

Who should attend?

  • eHealth service providers

  • Healthcare administrators

  • Medical device industry professionals

  • National public authorities

  • Cybersecurity service providers and researchers

  • Individuals interested in IoT

  • Standardization bodies

  • National and EU public authorities

  • Policymakers

  • Decision-makers in the healthcare sector


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